Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Dreams....

Having an organized closet is extremely important for utilizing all of your wardrobe.  As for myself, if I can't see it, I'll never wear it.  Getting dressed should be a fun process and there is nothing worse than looking in your closet and saying the dreaded words to yourself "I have nothing to wear". 
Whenever this happens to me, I enter panic mode and I know that a closet purging is right around the corner. Xanex please....

Believe it or not, majority of the storage features pictured below are from IKEA.  I wouldn't mind waking up to this every morning!

Here are some tips for cleaning out your closet and staying organized;

* if you never wear it, sell it and buy something you love
* keep all shoes displayed in a creative way so that you can see them
*only keep current season pieces in your main closet, clutter will make it difficult to choose what to wear
*make sure there is plenty of light, god forbid you wear mismatched blacks!
* arrange garments by color
*keep current season handbags that you are rotating on display, all other go in dust bags for future use

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