Thursday, December 23, 2010

Britians Hottest Beauty Brand of the Moment

This cosmetic candy is beyond delish!  It is make-up for your alter ego.  Lashes that make an uber statement and lipgloss with pigment so dark and glossy it would make the Queen of Hearts head turn.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Tribute to Alexander McQueen.

Take a look at this beautiful collaboration between Bjork and Nick Knight.  A fitting tribute to Mr. McQueen's memory!


Sweet Dreams....

Having an organized closet is extremely important for utilizing all of your wardrobe.  As for myself, if I can't see it, I'll never wear it.  Getting dressed should be a fun process and there is nothing worse than looking in your closet and saying the dreaded words to yourself "I have nothing to wear". 
Whenever this happens to me, I enter panic mode and I know that a closet purging is right around the corner. Xanex please....

Believe it or not, majority of the storage features pictured below are from IKEA.  I wouldn't mind waking up to this every morning!

Here are some tips for cleaning out your closet and staying organized;

* if you never wear it, sell it and buy something you love
* keep all shoes displayed in a creative way so that you can see them
*only keep current season pieces in your main closet, clutter will make it difficult to choose what to wear
*make sure there is plenty of light, god forbid you wear mismatched blacks!
* arrange garments by color
*keep current season handbags that you are rotating on display, all other go in dust bags for future use

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fresh Mani.

this polish is bomb.

On the radar. Phantogram

Ever since I heard this Electronic duo's single, Mouthful Of Diamonds, playing at the Zac Posen party during fashion week in NYC, I was hooked!  I instantly shazamed on my iphone and downloaded the full album, Eyelid Movies, which is amazing.  I have always loved the vibe of  electronic loops, hip-hop beats, shoegaze, soul, and pop melded into one and that is exactly what they do.

Phantogram has opened for several bands such as Metric, Minus The Bear, Zero 7, The xx, Ra Ra Riot, Yeasayer, Brazilian Girls and The Slip.

Download the album, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


London based designer, Christopher Kane is one of those designers that is in a league of his own.  He is completely innovative and in each collection brings a new element that is one of a kind.  I remember falling in love with a Kane piece that Lady Gaga wore on her Monsters Ball tour and began to do research on him, I was obsessed.  Shortly after when I was working at Jeffrey, we received a collection of his bat winged jackets made of a techno pleather leather.  After seeing and trying on a few pieces, it was clear that he is bad ass and has a specific style that makes a huge statement.

Take a look at his new Resort 2011 collection, it is a champagne supernova of edgy cool...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Joie de Vivre Gareth Pugh AW 10/11

Gareth, Genius!  No words necessary..... His work is amazing and speaks in a language if its own.  Take a peak into the future of fashion!!! Seriously... Smokin.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fly Shoes. Man Candy

If I was a guy I would have the sickest shoe collection!  I have a weakness for a man in a hot pair of sneaks, always have.   They say never buy a man shoes because they will walk out of your life?! Whatev...  Sometimes our significant other might need a little direction as to what particular pair of kicks to rock. These are my top picks.

Chandelier Fetish.

I am an aesthetics junkie!  I love to surround myself with all things pretty and glamorous.  If I happen to enter a space that has unappealing interiors (i.e. paisley muted mustard tones or god forbid, maroon, I despise maroon!), I begin to itch all over and break out in hives.

A chandelier in a room completes the space just as a fabulous pair of exotic Nicholas Kirkwook platform pumps complete an outfit.

Rock&Royal is a Dutch design house that began producing luxury chandeliers in 2005.  The idea of hanging a giant illuminated crystal gun or ship in a space is beyond unique and cool, I'll take one of each please.

Custom Chandeliers


Thursday, December 2, 2010

{A Moment Captured}

Million dollar question~  Who is Anna giving the bird too? This makes me love her even more.

Mohawk Love.

                  *Let's have a YSL moment*


I love my YSL Palais Mohawk Pumps and my YSL Palais Mohawks Pumps love me!!! If I could morph myself into a shoe this season it would without a doubt be these and I must thank my friends at JEFFREY for keeping me on speed dial as soon as they arrived. 

Yes, its the holidays but instead of eating that left over sweet potato souffle in your fridge just feast your eyes on this lushious YSL Mohawk press..

                 Kylie Minogue loves hers see.


I always keep tons of books around me.  I like to sit in my bed, eat carbs, drink some rose robious tea, crank up some LCD Soundsystem and get inspired.  Fashion books, travel books, interior design books, self help books, (Yes I admit it, who doesn't want to do a little soul searching from time to time???) art books, you name it...   Two of my favorites are; 

                                                  Blow vs. Crowe: Two Bios Resurrect Isabella Blow  

Isabella Blow was such an incredible artist, a true genius, she could smell talent before anyone else could and saw the individual beauty in everyone.  Her story is tragic and there are rivaling stories about her life. See recap below;


My god, I love Anna Dello Russo! Here is a sneak peak video of her recent FashionWeek escapades throughout Hong Kong, New York City, London, Milan, and Paris.  Her droolworthy wardrobe is enough to make any fashionista grit their teeth with envy!

Anna Purchased a second apartment in Milan to house her fashion collection.

Thats right, she lives in one and her collection of 4,000 pairs of shoes, 250 black tuxedo jackets, 600 pairs of sunnies, gobs of lushious chinchilla furs,  Lanvin, Prada, Giambattista, Vuitton, and every other possible piece of wait-listed designer couture, lives in the other.

New purchases get front-row treatment in the main walk-in closet, next to her leopard-print bedroom. A zoolike collection of exotic fur coats ("It's been a bloodbath--furs are my weakness," she admits) is maintained in labeled cloth bags, while a season's lesser models get relegated to nonslip hangers in the nosebleed back row. Once the season ends, everything is cleared out (except for the furs, which are exempt from expiration dates) to make way for new loot. Depending on the evicted item's star wattage, it may go next door, to apartment number two, from which it may or may not emerge. Or it may be exiled to a giant closeted basement: the fashion graveyard. For Dello Russo, if you're not new, you're about as good as dead. "I hate vintage clothes," she says, referring even to last year's Prada.

Anna even graced us with a lovely crotch shot but who cares, look at those fabulous limited edition fox fur Louboutins!

Oh my... how limber you are Anna!!! Clearly she loves yoga too... I'm going to attempt this stretch later in my new Valentino FairyTale booties.

Lady Marc.

I cant get enough of V Mag. Cover shot by Mario Testino in an amusing take on the glamour within, they feature Lady Gaga with Marc Jacobs and Marina Abramovic with Tyson Ballou. Dan Colen and Aaron Young provide the artistic renditions of the signature ‘V’. World-renowned art, music, fashion and photography for the V NYC issue.

Neon & Snakes Por Favor...

Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon recently relocated from London to the Upper East Side of Manhattan and gave Harper’s Bazaar a peak at her amazing new pad. Purchased in 2008 Mellon’s apartment was given a full make over by L.A.-based interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, who also worked on her previous London apartment once featured on MTV Cribs.

Loving the sexy snake prints the behind sofa and I am inspired ny the tron/neon art instillation art in the foyer. I would like to create a piece similar for my bedroom, I love all things neon...

Closet shot... Ohhlala.

Haute Matrix, Thank you Gareth.

I am wild about avant garde designer Gareth Pugh's cutting edge design and I have been for a while... Instead of showing his Spring/Summer 2011 collection on the runway during NY FashionWeek, he teamed up with director Ruth Hogben and created a matrix infused hyper futuristic video. Although I am a fan of watching an ...actual "live" show, Gareth's fuse of fashion with technology is definitely fitting for this collection! Peep it...

{Nothing Sweet About Me}

Ran across this musician a while ago and thought I would share because I can't get enough of her!  Gabriella Cilmi, inspired by the likes of Giogrio Moroder, Blondie and Donna Summer, she has created a body of work that takes new wave and classic dance influences into poptastic future disco for the 21st century. I'm all about pop future disco... bring it on.
watch me.

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